Remember Unify4Life? We've been talking about them on the CrackBerry blogs for a while now, going back to their initial launch at WES 2008 where they unveiled the "BlackBerry Remote" that allowed you to control your home entertainment system wirelessly from your BlackBerry. They added follow-up products, like the the "BlackBerry Garage Door Opener" to the mix as well but never really seemed to come out of beta phase and hit the market in a big way... that is until now.  Last week at CES we gained understanding of what's going on. Unify4Life is now working with Audiovox and is bringing all of the products to market under their Acoustic Research division under the brand Zentral Home Command. Watch the video above for a first-hand look and you can check out the official press release below.

Press Release

Acoustic Research Accessories Announces Zentral Home Command Smartphone Remotes

Four models that will turn a BlackBerry or iPhone into a Universal Remote Control

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- International CES, Booth 11006-10506 - Audiovox Corporation (Nasdaq: VOXX) today announced that it has initiated a new Acoustic Research branding strategy that is promoting its Smartphone Remote Control products into a new sub-brand called Zentral Home Command. The new brand strategy, which includes new marketing collateral, packaging, and a Web site, reinforces Audiovox's leadership in Remote Control technology.

Audiovox is showcasing four Zentral products at CES: the Smartphone AV Remote for the BlackBerry and the iPhone, the Smartphone Jukebox, and Smartphone Garage Control.

"Our new Zentral Home Command products will turn your BlackBerry or iPhone into so much more. With Zentral, you will have useful solutions for controlling and navigating home audio and video equipment, iPod and Home Control through your BlackBerry or iPhone," said David Geise, president, Audiovox Accessories Corporation.

The Smartphone AV Remote for BlackBerry or iPhone allows a consumer's phone to "talk" with an AV remote bridge via Bluetooth®, and the bridge will relay commands via infrared blasts to their entertainment components. Once the bridge and remote APP are linked, the user will be able to have a full remote control interface on the Smartphone and will be able to control up to sixteen devices, execute one-touch activities, and manage television viewing and recordings through an interactive guide. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Zentral Smartphone AV remote is $69.99 for the BlackBerry version and $79.99 for the iPhone version.

Zentral Smartphone Jukebox will help iPod owners listen and control their music. This solution provides easy navigation and control of an iPod through the BlackBerry Smartphone. MSRP: $69.99.

The Zentral Smartphone Garage Remote will be the first product in true Home Automation. It will provide a seamless and secure solution - so a BlackBerry Smartphone can be used to operate a garage door. MSRP: $49.99.

All four Zentral Home Command models will be available this spring at retail.

The new Acoustic Research Zentral products will be on display in the Audiovox Accessories section of booth 11006-10506 in the Central Hall, as well as in the partner technology section of Research in Motion's booth 30851 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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