This isn't BlackBerry news but it's definitely the biggest mobile news coming out of CES 2009... 

Yesterday was the day that Palm would either sink or swim, and with their announcement of the Palm Pre and Palm Web OS the company clearly made the impression that they will once again be real contenders in the smartphone races. Judging by the way Palm's stock price ended the day (wayyyy up!), you could argue Palm is jumping back in the pool with almost Michael Phelps-like expectations.

I attended the Palm Pre announcement with Dieter (live blogged at Treo Central) and afterwards went to the Palm room where I had an awesome walk through of the device with Palm's VP of Product Design, Peter Skillman. I video taped the encounter for your viewing pleasure (more information and pictures here). 

I've gotta say, Palm paid a lot of attention to detail in the Pre's design and how the Palm Web OS works for the user. It is impressive. I think the competition (RIM included) will be making note of some of the new innovations Palm introduced yesterday. The video above is long (25 minutes!) but gives a solid overview of the device and platform. And if you want to learn more, just head on over to where they've been blogging non-stop about all things Palm Pre.