Introducing the Cellet Executive Case for the BlackBery Cure 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330

Here is a new flip top style case for you Curve users. Introducing the Cellet Executive Case for the BlackBerry Curve series. This elegant case is made of black leather and includes a sleeper magnet. It also contains a storage pouch on the inside to allow the users to keep a credit card or driver’s license with them.

The case shipped in a very nice plastic packaging. Once I located a pair of scissors I went to town taking the case out of the package. Inside the package you will find the case, and a couple of different clips for attaching the case to your belt.

This case is available in black only, and lists for $24.95 in the CrackBerry Store.

Build Quality

The Cellet Executive Case is made of high grade leather, and has a very smooth feel to it. All seams are well constructed, and my BlackBerry Curve 8320 feels nice and snug when being protected by the case. I was able to access all buttons on my device, and the screen is protected not only by the covering leather flap, but there is also a thin sheet of plastic inside the case. I was a little leery about the plastic screen cover at first, but it turned out to be a very nice addition to the case, and it never caused any kind of screen distortions.

Cellet Executive Curve CaseCellet Executive Curve CaseCellet Executive Curve Case

Use and Function

After putting my Curve into the case, I now had to decide how I was going to carry the case. On the back of the case, there is an area where you can attach the ratcheting swivel clip, or the non-ratcheting spring clip. Of course, there is also the option, to put no clip on the back, and just put the case in your pocket or purse.

I tried all three methods of carrying the case to see what I liked the best. I started with the ratcheting clip. It attaches easily to the case, and then I just clipped it onto my belt. The nice feature with the ratcheting clip is you can push a button on top of the clip and easily detach it from your belt to gain access to your device. It will then click back into place just as easily when you are done. The only downside I found to this clip was that it made the case rest a little lower on my waist than I like. This would not prevent me from using this case, but it’s just merely an observation.

Next I attached the non-ratcheting spring clip. This clip does not swivel, and does not detach from the case when on your belt. I found that this clip had perfect placement when on my belt, and rested in just the right location. When I needed to gain access to my device, I just simply had grabbed the clip and released it from my belt. Out of the two included clips, I determined this one to be my favorite.

Lastly, I tried no clip and the pocket carry method. This will not work well if you are wearing a pair of jeans, but will work with a loose pair of slacks. Of course if you are carrying in a purse or other style of bag, you will have no problems.

Now that all carry methods have been tried and tested, let’s talk about actually functional use of the case. The flip top case does an absolute great job at protecting your device. When I needed to access my Curve, I simply unsnapped the slip top case and moved it back out of the way. I had no problems typing any emails or using BlackBerry Messenger. The only time that I found the flip top a little annoying was when I was on a lengthy phone call. After I spent some time using the case, the leather seems to break in a little better, and the case becomes more flexible thus allowing the slip top to stay back better. Just give the case some time, and this will not be a problem.

Inside of the slip top, there is a small storage compartment that can be used to hold credit cards, driver’s license, cash, or other small flat items. I found that I could easily keep my debit card and driver’s license in the storage pouch. This is great if you don’t like to carry much around with you other than the essentials.

The sleeper function on the case activated whenever the flip top is snapped into place. Once the flip top is opened, the screen wakes up, and you are ready to roll. All profile functions for in-holster or out-of-holster will work.

Cellet Executive Curve Case - No ClipCellet Executive Curve Case - Rotating ClipCellet Executive Curve Case - Stationary Clip


Overall, I thought this was a very good case. It is well constructed, completely covers your device, and best of all only costs $24.95 in the CrackBerry Store.

If you are looking for a stylish black flip top case, then look no further. The Cellet Executive Case is what you need.

Cellet Executive Case Review Summary:
Cellet Executive Case for the BlackBerry Curve


  • Plenty of Protection
  • Several Carrying Options
  • Sleeper Magnet worked great
  • Additional Storage - debit card, driver's license
  • Good value


  • More color options would be nice
  • This style of case may  not be for everyone
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