George Carlin said it best when he set forth his classic routine, a place for my stuff. Now we can all relate to this having accumulated numerous items over the years, especially if you're a tech addict like me then you really have a collection. So how would one go about recording and organizing all of this information?

For example, if you were moving or perhaps cataloging items damaged during a storm such as Hurricane Sandy last year. Many of my neighbors provided lists and photographs of items destroyed to their insurance carrier. That is where Cella, a home inventory application, comes into play. 

This is just one of the many practical uses I found with Cella. It may not be an application one would use very often but it does serve a purpose, even if its just to keep track of where important items are stored for future reference or in case anything requires repair or replacement from theft or damage.

Cella owes its development to the BlackBerry Jam Camps. However, one could never tell as the interface and design is extremely polished and professional. There are three main levels or buckets which the application tabulates your possessions: rooms, locations, and items. These in turn feed into the main dashboard, aka your house, making it easy to navigate with only a couple of swipes required to access each one.

Each room is customizable with its own icon, name and preferred fields. This means you could sort for each family member or common area by name. Subdivisions within each category allow users to assign specific areas to a room (i.e. Closet, balcony, bookcase, desk, etc.). Finally, items purchased or ones that hold value are imputed and can be assigned a room and a location with which it rests.

What impresses me about this app is the level of detail. Diving further into the items category one can add a photograph, include the warranty information, if applicable, description, model number, media information, purchase data, and notes as well. Everything you possibly need to know is conveniently there at your fingertips. Even the menus include thorough descriptions within the dropdown and prefilled fields. 

Cella is a thorough home inventory application. While it may be designed for a select group of people, it is well-built, offers an attractive UI, is designated as 'Built for BlackBerry', and features comprehensive lists and forms that account for many common household items. 

As I only rent a modest sized apartment, I do find it works for renters as well as homeowners. If you want to track and manage your stuff and maybe prevent that big pile of missing stuff Carlin alluded to, you can give it a whirl for $1.99 and it supports all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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