The folks from Celio Corp were on hand last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where they had a pod at the BlackBerry booth and I caught up with them to see how things were going. They released the RedFly for BlackBerry a few months back (read our review) so I first got an update on that. From there they also showed me a couple new things... Moab and a prototype touchscreen RedFly.

Moab is a small docking station that connects a full-size keyboard, mouse and display of choice to your BlackBerry. This allows you to use your BlackBerry with basically any monitor/keyboard you like (great for kiosks like those on hand at the BlackBerry booth). The prototype touchscreen RedFly will allow you to use touch input to control your non-touchscreen BlackBerry. I sort of joked in the video that this is the first touchscreen BlackBerry Bold we have seen to date! Check out the video for full details.