Paris Hilton and Lindsay LohanResearch in Motion did a great job in flooding Hollywood with the Blackberry Curve at the end of May. The celebrity studded BlackBerry Curve launch party made sure of that!

Fast forward six weeks, and yet another celebrity wardrobe accessory has entered the scene in the way of the iPhone.

While every CrackBerry Addict can spew out a dozen or more reasons why they would never trade in their BlackBerry for an iPhone (no removable battery, no voice dialing, no outlook/exchange support, requires an itunes account, no real developer API, lacking visual voicemail, etc. etc.) the great debate is which smartphone will the celebs choose - the Curve or the iPhone? It looks like Paris is out of prison and using the Curve, while Lindsay is out of Rehab and giving the iPhone a try.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out. My gut says you'll see a lot of pictures flying around of celebs with iPhones in the next month, but give it three months and they will all be  thumbing on CrackBerrys once again!

Thanks to LyricalGenius for sending us the pics!