Sarah Palin is a BlackBerry User

It's a week today that Sarah Palin was named as the Republican's candidate for Vice President, and I tell ya, it's made her the most "in demand" Celebrity with a BlackBerry these past seven days. I received over two dozen emails from people forwarding me articles (like this one) making mention of her BlackBerry use. The best picture I've seen to date is the one above, originally posted by CBS. I think for the most part pretty much every politician is a BlackBerry users addict.... so before election day rolls around we'll be sure to do up a Special Edition Politician Roundup (send in your pics to editorial @

More sightings after the jump, including Serena Williams and John Mayer....

Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings

Serena WilliamsSerana Williams
Serena Williams with her BB, catching a cab in NYC
sent in by Joseph


John Mayer
John Mayer with a BlackBerry Bold, from the August 25th copy of In Touch.
sent in by Justin


Marrisa Perry
Marissa Perry, from the Broadway hit "Hairspray" talking to a fan, pink-skinned Curve in hand
sent in by Scott


Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps flying on a plane, BB at side.
photo from CBS


Britney Spears
Britney in white with a white-skinned Curve
sent in by David via PopSugar

That's it for today folks. Send in your sightings to editorial @ and we'll get them up on the site!