Winnipeg Jets CrackBerry

The only thing more Canadian than BlackBerry is hockey, so it's a no brainer that I'm super stoked about the return of the Winnipeg Jets to Canada. My hometown city is buzzing now that our Jets are coming back, and to help celebrate their return the folks at Toysoft are giving away 1996 free BlackBerry apps (1996 was the year the Jets moved from Winnipeg to Phoenix for those of you that don't know hockey).

The full list of apps/games includes pretty much all of Toysofts offerings, so you can grab some great stuff totally free from the CrackBerry App store. The first 1996 people to redeem the code can snag a free app, and the only thing we ask is that you are honest and only use the code one time for yourself (don't want people being greedy and using up all the codes). Keep reading for details and the full list of apps you can grab. Thanks to the guys at Toysoft for the great offer! Go JETS Go!!

Get your FREE App from ToySoft

To get your free BlackBerry app from ToySoft, head to one of the links below from your mobile device. Add the item to your cart, then enter the coupon code GOJETSGO in the coupon field. Be sure to click Update and the total should read $0.00. Don't finish the checkout unless you see $0.00. Complete checkout and you're done!

Ballz for Touch Screens
Findem Lego Starwars for Touch Screens
Findem MarioBros for Touch Screens
Findem Soccer Babes for Touch Screens
Findem Sports Cars for Touch Screens
Findem Simpons for Touch Screens
GoFish for Touch Screens
TapOMania for Touch Screens
WackOMole for Touch Screens
BatteryIcon OS4.7+
CalendarIcon OS4.7+
ShortcutManager for OS6+
Visual Arts OS4.7+

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