Happy Canada Day fellow Canuckleheads! All over the Great White North, we celebrate everything that is Canadian including; Tim Hortons, Poutine and of course BlackBerry (to name a few). Though found in many areas outside of Canada, the beaver is generally associated with Canada. It is on our nickel, after all. Just in time for Canada Day comes a BlackBerry PlayBook game that cashes in on the magic of the mighty beaver. Aptly named Great Beaver, this Pac-man type of game allows you to pit you beaver against toque toting enemy beavers. Your goal, while avoiding your fellow beaver, is to collect all of the evasive gold coins in each level. Gold coins…could they be the Canadian Loonie perhaps?

The free trial gives you access to two levels. The full version of Great Beaver is available for 3 caribous, 2 bluenoses and 4 maple leaves (that's $0.99 for those not familiar with Canadian currency). This game is only available to residents of Canada. You can pick it up from BlackBerry App World, eh?

More information/download Great Beaver for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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