Listen up good people of North America - If you like to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of sports then you need to check out CBS Sports for BlackBerry 10. Whether you are a general sports fan or just into one sport in particular, the CBS app will come in pretty handy for you.

The user interface of the app is fairly basic, but attractive. At the top of the display you will see an image/story and this can be toggled to the left to reveal more. Under the image is the standard news feed which is shown as black text on a white background. Selecting an article to read will clearly open it up full screen and you can read all the latest gossip and news.

Tapping on the 'Home' tab in the app will reveal a list of sports that are currently covered in the app. So if you are only interested in the NBA for example - you can just view those stories - a nice option.

And essentially that's the app. Basic, but it delivers the goods. The only thing I was a little disappointed to see missing was the lack of a sharing feature. It would be better if you could send stories to your BBM buddies, so I'm hoping that an update will give us that in the near future.

CBS Sports is free to download from BlackBerry World so if you are a sports fan I suggest you go and grab it right now.

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