Yep, that's right... we finally have a "crackberry app" in BlackBerry App World!! You can now download the free CB Podcasts app, powered by Podtrapper, and automatically download and easily listen to CrackBerry Podcasts right on your BlackBerry!

We figured a lot of our CrackBerry Podcast listeners already have Podtrapper (the full version) or listen to the CrackBerry Podcasts via iTunes or the CrackBerry blogs and already have the CrackBerry Mobile Superstore on their device, so we'd reach out in yet another direction by putting it into BlackBerry App World. Huge thanks go to Versatile Monkey for putting this special edition FREE CB Podcasts app together for us. 

Download CB Podcasts App for FREE: You can download the CB Podcasts app for free out of BlackBerry App World. If you give it a go, be sure to leave it a 5-Star Rating and give it a positive review. And spread the word... it would be pretty frak'n sweet to see the CB logo in the Top 25 Free Downloads list!

Note to existing Podtrapper Users: If you have the current premium version of Podtrapper installed on your device, installing CB Podcasts will overwrite PodTrapper. The two cannot be installed together, but you are able to listen to the Podcast from Podtrapper as well, as it does not require this specific version of the application. If you'd rather skip the free CB Podcasts app and go straight to the premium version of Podtrapper, you can buy it in App World on the CrackBerry App Store.