If you've been following CrackBerry Idol you know THIS IS IT. The final vote. Your chance to decide who CrackBerry.com's next blogger will be. The final five are Joseph, Brittany, Dave, Kerri and Aloha Joe. You've seen their videos and reviews up on the site for nearly three months now. You've read the CrackBerry Idol finalist Q & A. You know who your favorite is. So now it's time to vote. The poll is below (comments disabled for the final vote - if you want to root for your favorite do it on the Q & A thread). Voting ends this Thursday night at midnight PST. We'll announce the CrackBerry Idol 2010 winner on the blogs on Friday. That's it. VOTE NOW!!!!!

CrackBerry idol 2010 Voting

You can vote once for the contestant you want to win!!

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