Marcus Adolfsson

Tonight at BlackBerry Live 2013, our own Marcus Adolfsson won the BlackBerry Developer Community Award for Best Built for BlackBerry App! Okay, awesome, yes, but really - how many of you guys are surprised? CB10 is the most awesome app on BlackBerry 10 for a reason. It brings all of the latest, hottest BlackBerry news right to your device, operates smoothly using the native look and feel, while also being rich in functionality.

Mad props to Marcus for working his Swedish behind off on the app, and there are still plenty of more features yet to come. If you're curious, you can find out more about the winners over here. We'll be following up on our fellow winners shortly. As a prize, maybe we can get the name changed to CrackBerry at some point...

If, for some silly reason, you don't already have CB10 installed on your device, go get it! If you already have and you love it, leave a gushy five-star review, will ya?