CB10 updated with bug fixes, performance improvements and better Passport support!

A little surprise for everyone is now filtering through BlackBerry World. Yes, you can say it. I sure did. Finally! The CB10 app has been updated. This release sees the app jump into v1.7.1 and it brings a TON of improvements across the board, everything from small bug fixes to performance improvements and yes, even improved BlackBerry Passport support. Have a look at the change log.

  • Properly handle utf8 decoding/encoding in forums
  • Passport keyboard fixes
  • Pinch to filter read/unread for article listing
  • Tweaked collapse icons on about page
  • Updated pull icons and sensitivity
  • Turbo Reader integration
  • Updated About and Credits page
  • Added Invocation Target for CB10
  • Fixed a layout issue at BlackBerry Q5 and Q10
  • Check for 3rd party plugins
  • Added Context Menu to mark as...
  • Updates to the video player for better performance, better error handling and better fallback support
  • Video quality now depends on the video quality settings
  • Add styling for blockquotes
  • Fix formatting of title bar for dark theme
  • Fix formatting of articles for dark theme Add formatting for press releases

The update isn't going to cover every single issue folks were having with the app but it's a ton of bugs squashed and everyone should see the improvements made. The update is live in BlackBerry World right now so be sure to go ahead and get it downloaded. Personally I suggest clearing the cache on whatever version you're running now, then downloading the new. It's not a requirement, but it helps clear things out. Last but not least, I'd like to thank the devs who put in time on this build. You can access more details on the credits page within the app where there's also links to their social and BlackBerry World accounts.

Download CB10 now from BlackBerry World!