Doing my daily check of BBM for Android and iOS I've noticed plenty of BBM-related apps have flooded into Google Play (though not many appear in the App Store). The most notable that actually made me double check things today was an app called Blackberry Messenger BBM. 

I'll admit that I dropped the ball and should have noticed the misspelling of "Blackberry" right from the start, but overlooking that the app could almost pass for the real thing. The developer is listed as BBM which is far better than some other cut-rate developer names. The screenshots even look legit - which is most likely because they were pulled straight from a Z10. Regardless of how things may look, this is one of the many bogus BBM apps that are most definitely not the real thing.

So alas, while I was nearly excited that BBM was making the cross-platform leap today, we'll still have to hold out just a bit longer. Fingers crossed that it won't be too long now especially given the news that the iOS version of BBM has already been submitted to the App Store for approval. 

We'll certainly know for sure (as will you) when the real BBM lands on Android an iOS, so for now, just a friendly reminder to make sure you don't get sucked into installing any knock-off BBM apps if you're using Android or iOS.