CrackBerry Podcast - Pushing Buttons


And we're back at it again. On this podcast, we dig into the differences between the KEYone Black Editions, Krypton rumors, and much more!

A fresh new CrackBerry podcast to take you into the weekend. With Kevin back home for a bit, we decided to get a podcast together for you all. On this one, we dig into the differences between the KEYone Black Editions, Krypton rumors, and much more!

CrackBerry Not-A-Podcast: Randomness and Goodness


On this episode, we discuss BlackBerry Mobile at IFA, CrackBerrry Berlin meet up, AT&T releasing the Space Black KEYone and more!

Annnnd we're back with another CrackBerry podcast. This week, we're full of randomness and goodness as we discuss BlackBerry Mobile's plans for IFA, our CrackBerry Meet up in Berlin, AT&T releasing the Space Black KEYone and BBM - is it still a great messaging app or has it become a dumpster fire? This one clocks in at just a little bit over an hour, so settle in. We'll get the audio up ASAP.

CrackBerry Podcast: Limited Edition Black


On this episode, we dig into the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black news, discuss the BlackBerry Aurora, dual-SIM slot uses and more!

With the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black now announced, we figured we should fire up a podcast to discuss the latest variation of the BlackBerry KEYone and how it falls into BlackBerry's licensing deals. Also on this podcast, we dig into some BlackBerry Aurora and share some thoughts on that device as well. We kept things simple and straight to the point, so settle in for the next 45 minutes and get yourself caught up! We'll get the audio posted as soon as possible for those who prefer to tune in that way instead of video.

CrackBerry Podcast: The hidden one


On this episode, we dig into some of the latest KEYone news, answer some Twitter questions and discuss some rumored codenames for the next BlackBerry devices.

Now that Kevin has got some rest from all the CrackBerry KEYone Meetups, we managed to get things in line for a CrackBerry podcast. This time around, we discuss all the latest BlackBerry KEYone news including the most recent announcement of Sprint starting sales on July 14, the latest rumors surrounding the next set of BlackBerry devices codenamed 'Krypton' and 'Juno', plus we answer some Twitter questions from listeners. We kept things pretty tight for this one, so settle in and check out the video! We'll get the audio uploaded as soon as possible for those of you out there who prefer to listen rather than watch.

CrackBerry Podcast: Covfefe


There's only one word that describes that can accurately describe the last week here on CrackBerrry... Covfefe! On this episode we talk about the North American launch of the BlackBerry KEYone (the good and the bad) and answer many questions!

Traveling to Taipei last week for Computex was on my travel agenda for the better part of a year, long before I knew May 31st would be the date the BlackBerry KEYone would become "available" for purchase in Canada and the USA. What a week in turned out to be overseas and on 12 hour difference in time zone. I woke up every morning to sooo many passionate threads in the CrackBerry forums to catch up on! :)

It also turned out to be a perfect week for El Presidente Trump to an invent a new word for me to use for this podcast - as it would prove difficult otherwise to find a single word that could encapsulate all of the thoughts and emotions running among many in the CrackBerry community. The North American market launch has been a mixed bag - we've seen a LOT of excitement from consumers in North America finally getting their hands on the KEYone and absolutely loving it. We've also witnessed some frustration over limited inventory at launch, especially in the US on Amazon and Best Buy, that's made the KEYone a rather exclusive phone to get a hold of thus far (while the GSM version of the KEYone started shipping, CDMA units on Amazon never moved out of backorder status). We talk about all of that and MUCH more on this CrackBerry podcast.

The first half of the show we casually jump around many topics, and Bla1ze -- who everybody always loves -- finally gives us one reason to hate him (pictured below). The back half of the show we jump to answering reader questions, which keeps us pretty on track.

Enjoy the show!

CrackBerry Podcast: Making Memories w/ MrMobile & More!


MrMobile joins Bla1ze and CrackBerry Kevin for a casual chat and to confess his crush for the BlackBerry KEYone.

It's been a crazy few weeks and the craziness isn't about to slow down. After two weeks on the road for our Canadian CrackBerry KEYone Meetup Tour, I've barely unpacked and I'm off again to the airport, this time for the long flight to Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex 2017. Before leaving though we just had to get a CrackBerry podcast recorded as there's been so much happening and we've been slacking.

In this episode we talk about the final countdown to May 31st when the BlackBerry KEYone will officially become available for purchase on North American soil. I also give a play-by-play of our meetup tour and even drop the cities and dates we'll be visiting next in our upcoming US tour.

Most importantly though, on this show we had MrMobile join us to confess his crush for the new KEYone. For a guy who switches phones as often as most of our change up our underwear, it's been truly awesome to see the KEYone become his daily driver. BlackBerry By Choice For Real. Hmm.. maybe it's time to do another run of those shirts?

Enjoy the show!

BlackBerry KEYone Podcast, featuring Android Central, MrMobile, CrackBerry Kevin & Bla1ze! [Must Listen Show!]


Hosted by Android Central, this is a must-listen round table discussion on the new BlackBerry KEYone!

CrackBerry Podcast - Regroup


Bla1ze is back from vacation, CBK is (mainly) back to health, and Adam Zeis is out of CrackBerry retirement! The trio regroups on this episode to talk BlackBerry UK Launch, North American availability and more!

We fired up the CrackBerry Podcast machine Sunday evening to catch up on the BlackBerry news of the week, which was dominated by the BlackBerry KEYone which began it's global rollout, becoming available for purchase in the UK.

Continuing the 10 Years of CrackBerry fun, finally joining Bla1ze and CrackBerry Kevin on this episode was Adam Zeis, long-time CrackBerry Editor. With Bla1ze just back from vacation, Kevin still recovering from a cold and Adam a little bit out of the BlackBerry loop still, it was a bit of a messy show but fun all the same. We hope you enjoy it!

CrackBerry Podcast - Leadership and Privacy


Looking to get caught up on the latest BlackBerry news? Make sure you check out the latest episode of the CrackBerry Podcast!

If you missed out on tuning into the CrackBerry podcast live on Sunday, you can now go ahead and check out the video or grab the audio. This week on tap for myself and Simon Sage was the news of John Chen being named Executive of the Year, what makes the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard the smartest smartphone keyboard. Plus, we dig into BlackBerry's stance on privacy in light of new FCC legislation. We kept things brief, so it's an easy listen. No Kevin rants, which, could be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. ;)