Android apps on BlackBerry 10 - Why the negativity?


Android Apps

I'm sure you've seen that since BlackBerry 10.2.1 hit the scene we've decided to feature a few more Android apps and games that were not previously available to us. I've also noticed in both the post comments and in the CrackBerry forums that some of you aren't too happy about this — and we get that. 

Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I'm slightly baffled as to why you wouldn't want to know about a great game/app that runs on BlackBerry 10, even if it's Android. We've had Android ports running on BB10 for some time, but it's only been since 10.2.1 was released that I've noticed the negative remarks. 

Sure, using the likes of Snap, the Amazon Appstore or APK Train may not be ideal for some users as traditionally we are all loyal and want to download our apps from BlackBerry World. But the fact of the matter is that if we find a great game/app that happens to be an Android one, but runs beautifully on BlackBerry 10, surely it's our job to let you know? 

Stock Talk: BlackBerry’s situation for the next year


Last Friday we had a chance to look at the Q4 financials for BlackBerry, and the CrackBerry team held a podcast to talk about it. Were we all doom and gloom? I don’t think it was quite that negative, but we are keeping it balanced and considering the good and bad areas of the business when we talk. No sugar coating.

Over the weekend I did some more thinking about BlackBerry, while enjoying the fact that spring FINALLY arrived in Toronto. I also had a chance to read a well-written report from GMP analyst Deepak Kaushal. While it was quite bearish, I believe the analysis adequately looks at the business. In other words, Kaushal isn’t trying to paint a negative picture on purpose, and he clearly lays out what he believes needs to happen for BlackBerry to hit its goals of being cash flow break even by the end of this year.

CrackBerry Mailbag: The Death of the PlayBook


BlackBerry PlayBook Graveyard

Following yesterday's BlackBerry PlayBook update and subsequent recognition that this is the last OS update the BlackBerry PlayBook will ever see, the community has been pretty vocal. Looking back at the history of the PlayBook, it really is a sad story. So much potential, but instead we're left with shattered dreams, broken promises and what still feels all these years later, like an unfinished project.

What a lot of people may not realize is that the vision for original BlackBerry tablet was much simpler. As the story goes, what Research In Motion founder Mike Lazaridis originally wanted was a simple big screen companion device for his BlackBerry Smartphone. Much more a simple multimedia accessory and much less a full blown standalone tablet. Plans were already in motion on this one before Apple announced the original iPad in early 2010, but after that announcement BlackBerry pivoted and the vision for BlackBerry's tablet became much BIGGER, and of course, much more difficult to execute on.

What's ironic, and is well illustrated by the message I received this morning from CrackBerry member Jsolts, is that the original basic "big window to a BlackBerry" functionality is still what's wanted today!

Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Recap


Sitting in the pole spot in Malaysia for the second straight race, Lewis Hamilton had much higher hopes for even finishing the race this time. He has a 100% finish rate in Malaysia though, and once things got going it was clear he wasn't going to let that number change.

Here’s what matters from the BlackBerry Q4 financial results conference call


This morning BlackBerry published Q4 results for fiscal 2014 and held the usual analyst conference call. I’ll go through the results here, and I’d like to invite you to post your comments below.

First of all, John Chen did a great job of communicating on the call. I really like this guy as the CEO. When he speaks it’s obvious that he understands the issues that are bothering shareholders. He doesn’t dance around issues. He doesn’t duck questions. In fact he brings up most of the big issues as part of his prepared remarks. I’ve followed a lot of public companies, and I’ve been listening to quarterly conference calls for at least 15 years now. Chen is in a small group of great communicators. If you ever want to bore yourself to death with the opposite end of the spectrum, go listen to an Amazon conference call. Great company, but horrible speakers. Dreadful.

Some key thoughts on BlackBerry Q4 results that just hit the wire


A few minutes ago BlackBerry issued its press release with financial results for Q4. As usual it’s a good news / bad news situation, and the conference call is in less than half an hour. I’ll come back afterwards with a more detailed review.

Until then here are a few things I noticed.

PSA: Microsoft Office Mobile won't work on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime


Earlier, Microsoft announced that their Microsoft Office Mobile was going free on Android and iOS while ditching the need for a subscription in order to use it for 'view-only' purposes. Since then, we've had people emailing us and letting us know that since Android apps can run on BlackBerry 10, we should post about it or asking if it works on the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime.

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What’s going on with BlackBerry’s SVP of Software resigning?


Last night, in BlackBerry-related news, we found out that the well-regarded Senior VP of Software, Sebastien Marineau, has resigned from BlackBerry to accept a position of VP of Core OS at Apple. BlackBerry felt that its soon-to-be former executive violated their agreement so they brought the matter before the courts and prevailed.

For those unaware, Sebastien Marineau came over as part of the QNX acquisition, and worked very closely alongside Dan Dodge for many years. He’s a core OS guy, and his team was largely responsible for the creation of BlackBerry 10, in addition to owning the development of the micro kernel that drives it all.