BlackBerry earnings are on tap for tomorrow!


First thing tomorrow morning BlackBerry will report Q1 results. It should be a great conference call since the company has officially launched the Jakarta phone and they've announced support for Amazon's app store in OS 10.3, which I think could go a long way to resolving many of the most common consumer complaints. But more on that in a separate piece.

My Classic BlackBerry


Call me crazy, but one of my all time favorite BlackBerry smartphones was the Style, at least in design. I was a huge fan of the form factor and it harkened back to a simpler time. Very nostalgic. The exterior screen was great for notifications, almost like a smartwatch, and the small, folded design meant it just disappeared in my pocket. Open it up, however, and it became a no-compromise smartphone, and not just any smartphone, but a BlackBerry with a full physical keyboard. It wasn't their best keyboard, but still much more satisfying than a virtual counterpart, especially at the time. I also thought it was the best looking phone to date. If Pininfarina had designed a BlackBerry, it would've been the Style. Like I said, call me crazy.

Addressing the rumors on when first generation BlackBerry 10 devices will go End of Life


Rumor has it, by word of "AgentJucey", that the end of life for first generation BlackBerry 10 devices is in sight. But how realistic are those rumors? Perhaps, not so realistic at all but they are rumors and rumors that have been discussed pretty heavily in the CrackBerry Forums, so they're worth taking a look at.

The Beta Test is Over.


BlackBerry Classic Keyboard

New BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already proven to be a very pragmatic leader, willing to make difficult decisions in order to keep the company afloat. He has said on many occasions that he'll exit the handset segment entirely if it proves to be in the best interest of the company, but has also made it clear that it's among the last things he wants to do. BlackBerry smartphones maintain the company's identity and are truly their heart and soul, but they've also become a financial burden that can't be ignored.

I switched from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7 and survived!


Bold 9930

As I'm sure most of you already know, last weekend Kevin, James and I headed to Montreal to check out the Canadian Grand Prix — and we had an amazing time. I drove up from New Jersey with a friend of mine, but it wasn't until the day before that it dawned on me that I wouldn't have any phone service once hitting the Canadian border. Since I rarely leave the country I don't carry an international plan on my phone, and on AT&T (like most carriers) you pay quite a bit for not a whole lot in return. So I decided to forego data service on my main SIM and instead brought along my trusty BlackBerry Bold 9930. Why you ask? The short version is that is has Verizon service which I don't pay for, hence free roaming in Canada.

I'm going to Waterloo next week for BlackBerry's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders... what do you want me to ask?!


BlackBerry AGM!

It's time for my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, Canada, the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry, to attend the company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

This will be my fourth year attending the AGM and John Chen will be the fourth CEO to take the stage in as many years. We were there for the end of the Mike Lazaridis / Jim Balsillie co-CEO reign and we were there for the Thorsten Heins era has he worked to bring BlackBerry 10 to market. This year we'll hear from John Chen, now just over six months on the job, as he works to rebuild value for shareholders.

What would it take to get me back to BlackBerry?


Z3 Back

Several months ago I embarked on an experiment. As a guy who'd used BlackBerry since 2000 I had deep experience with the platform along with good experience on iOS. But I had practically no experience on Android. So I put my Z10 on my bedside table and left it there while I moved my SIM into a Samsung Galaxy S4. At the time it was among the best Android handsets available.

I realize I'm in dangerous territory on CrackBerry when I say this, but unless certain things change it is very unlikely that I'll switch back to BlackBerry. I truly wish this was not the case. I say this because overall I think BlackBerry makes a better device and a better OS. I wish a few things would change to tip the scale back in their favor. But as it stands the major factor keeping me away from BlackBerry is app availability.

I could make the argument complicated and tell you that it's about 3rd party apps AND Google services. But in reality the Google services are apps, and they are available in Google Play. If BlackBerry 10 gave me access to Google's awesome apps along with the selection of Android apps available in the Play store, I'd feel like I had the best of both worlds.

Looking Back Part Two: Passion still remains


It has been almost a year since my editorial on why I am still an avid BlackBerry fan and how I still remain passionate for the platform. At the time the post made its way to the front page it was the beginning of a tumultuous six months in my life both at work and at home. During this time, however, the one constant that kept my head on straight and the will to persevere was my BlackBerry and writing for CrackBerry.

I bring this topic up once again because not only has my mind had some time to heal and think about the last year but I realized the fourth anniversary of CrackBerry Idol is almost here, that wonderful contest DJ Reyes and I submitted our audition videos to, and the rest, as they say, is history. So I thought I would tell you what makes BlackBerry and the CrackBerry community the best there is.

Attending the BlackBerry Experience: London


On Tuesday June 3rd, 2014 the BlackBerry Experience headed to London, U.K. This event ran a little differently to the previous events. Most of the attendees there were invited by BlackBerry themselves and we were lucky enough to get a press invite to the event. It was a small event and most of the people in attendance were IT administrators or representatives for global blue chip companies. The day was split into sessions with the first half containing the keynote presentation. The second half was where things got meaty with future product details, enterprise applications and of course a Q & A session.

A wonderful weekend of CrackBerry fun at the Canadian Grand Prix!


What an AWESOME weekend!! The 2014 Canadian Grand Prix is now racing history, and what a race it was. I can't help but think maybe the CrackBerry team's presence brought a bit of bad luck, as for the first time this year the Mercedes F1 Team — who is sponsored by BlackBerry — was not at the top of the podium on Sunday afternoon. That said, it was easily the most exciting race of the season and we had a blast all weekend long spreading the CrackBerry and BlackBerry love through the streets of Montreal. Be sure to watch the Story Maker video above for a recap of the weekend, and keep reading for more of the details, including the contest winner for a CrackBerry Racing Polo shirt!