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CrackBerry Kevin on BlackBerry 10


Vintage CrackBerry Kevin. If you don't like it.... be sure to watch to the end of the video :)

BlackBerry World Keynote video previewing BlackBerry 10!


Check out BlackBerry 10's flow UI, the new *awesome* touchscreen keyboard and get a look at the killer camera app with time warp-like functionality

Get Netflix on your BlackBerry PlayBook now with Flix


Netflix BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM proves you can teach an old dog new tricks


BlackBerry 10 Reactions

Today, during RIM's keynote session at BlackBerry World there were two critical areas where I felt RIM did an amazing job. These two changes could mark an important turnaround for the company. So let's go through them.

First up - let's talk about the product. We're working on some more detailed editorials on the features RIM demonstrated. But suffice to say BlackBerry 10 is a stunning change for this company. The new virtual keyboard, the "flow" of the user interface, and even the camera (with time-machine-like capability) were hugely innovative. Coming from a company that has been accused of lacking innovation for years, these demos were greeted by thunderous applause. RIM has gone back to being cool.

Second, and less obvious, is the way the company presented its message. And this is what I really want to talk about here. I was impressed with how well Thorsten Heins delivered a compelling and understandable message about what RIM represents.

Gameloft announces lineup of 11 upcoming games for BlackBerry 10 devices

Oregon Trail
Gameloft is a super popular developer of games for all platforms, including the BlackBerry PlayBook. They have announced that they will be bringing not one or two of their top games to BlackBerry 10 devices, but in fact 11 titles will be available either at launch or soon after. 

We are happy to state that with a very organized developer website, and effective debugging tools, the resources provided to us have enabled us to work quickly and efficiently. Thus, as we are set to optimize 11 new titles from Gameloft covering a variety of genres ranging from hardcore to casual, while also boasting the distinctive social integration of Scoreloop and BlackBerry Messenger.

The games are set to be integrated with BlackBerry Messenger and support Scoreloop social gaming tools and multiplayer functions. It's a great thing to see some of the most successful names in mobile gaming committing to BlackBerry 10.  I personally can't wait to play some Oregon Trail and N.O.V.A. 3! Check out the press release below, and let us know what games you're looking forward to on BlackBerry 10 in the comments.

Hey New York Times: Get a clue



* Update: It looks like NYTimes is updating their story to make it more accurate - they've already updated the headline. *

BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs and features


BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev

Starting Wednesday, May 2nd developers will be able to collect their BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device while attending BlackBerry 10 Jam. Just in case you're wondering the specs exactly though we have a full run down of the device.