One of my constant struggles with my BlackBerry Q10 (well, any device really) is the big "to case or not to case" debate. While I find myself reviewing loads of cases for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, I can never really find the perfect one that suits me for full-time use. Even if I use one for a few days, I'll then switch to another or just go without a case at all for a while.

I suppose I'm just very indecisive when it comes to cases. I want something that gives me good protection and feels good while also not taking away too much from the looks of my device. I may soon have to admit that it's just and endless pursuit for case perfection. 

I'm curious to know what everyone else does. Do you go straight up naked without a case? Do you use something simple like the CrackBerry Crunk Case or BlackBerry Hard Shell? Max out with an OtterBox?

Let us know what you do in the poll below, then drop a comment with your case of choice or why you don't use one.