This isn't the first time we've asked this question, but it's been a while and with us now having two new awesome devices available (the BlackBerry Passport and Classic) it's time to put the feelers out once again.

Whether you prefer to keep your BlackBerry protected, or not all comes down to personal preference and over the years I've switched between using cases and going naked so many times. I love the feel of a bare BlackBerry, but with smartphones costing so much money there's always that decision to be made whether to use a case to prevent damage from drops and scratches.

I'm currently not using a case on my Passport, but that's only because I now have a device specific car mount and I'm quite often in and out of the car on a regular basis and can't be bothered to remove the handset from a case each time.

So hit up the following poll and let us know if you're a case user or not?

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