I've been using the simple Case-Mate Barely There snap-on case for the last couple of months on the BlackBerry Z10, and it's been performing admirably. It provides a solid, baseline degree of protection while keeping bulkiness and obstruction down to a minimum. The matte finish on the black and glossy finish on the white model and make the Barely There case stylistically understated and fitting perfectly with the overall form of the Z10. Installation is a breeze thanks to a straightforward snap-on mechanism. So, let's take a quick look around.

There's a moderate bevel all around the outer edge which is rounded just enough to be comfortable to hold, but not lose all of its eye-catching edginess.  The top and bottom sides are completely bare. Though this helps keep as much of the device's original look and feel, it did allow the top of my Z10 to get dinged up after a drop. The lip on the front face is raised significantly to provide additional screen protection - perfect for those times you want to put your Z10 face-down on a table. All of the side ports are wide open for access.

Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10

Although the rear is completely plain, I actually like the distraction-free look, and for those that don't, it makes a fine flat surface for those that want to throw a sticker or two on the back. The Case-Mate logo on the back is a classy, subtle size. In fact, the inside of the case is where you'll find the most decoration. The light cushioning has a stylish imprint, which is a nice subtle feature you can appreciate when popping the case on. 

Overall, the Barely There moniker is well-deserved; both black and white models maintain a slim profile and match the device's overall look and feel enough that it's often tricky to tell if there's a case on there. Though it might not provide as full-bodied protection as bulkier cases, it's a happy medium between maintaining portability and providing your Z10 with basic coverage. 

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