The popular BlackBerry 10 sports tracking application CascaRun has received yet another update and this one brings a ton of new features and improvements. If you are into recording your fitness workouts then this one is probably the perfect application. You can also use it in the car if you fancy - I'm loving the fact that this update brings a special improvement for German users - the speedometer will now record up to 250km/h!

Whether you are into jogging, cycling, skiing, hiking or more CascaRun has you covered. And with voice technology to keep you notified on your progress it's kind of like having your personal training partner. 

CascaRun is priced at £2.50/$3.99 and for what you get for your money it's a real bargain - especially with the big list of new treats in this latest update. 

New in this version: 

General improvements:

  • Improved GPS availability
  • Properly detect location permission issues and show a specific dialog
  • Improved support for imperial units (altitude, diagramm ...)
  • (Note: interval selector is still in km only, until the next release...)
  • Updated Spanish translation


  • Improved track quality in map and display special positions (start/stop, pauses, laps, ...)
  • Better generated map image (for e-mail/social sharing)
  • Added page indicator
  • Display heart rate or altitude for current pos when reviewing training
  • Display min-max altitude in the training summary section
  • Improved button design
  • Font size adjustements
  • Double-tap map to exit fullscreen

Heart rate monitoring:

  • Fixed issue with exported GPX when HRM is used
  • Better detect disconnections and try re-connecting (for regular Bluetooth devices)
  • Fixed issues with Zephyr HxM (when heart rate > 125bpm...) and improved support for Sports Tracker devices

Q10 specific improvements:

  • Smaller buttons
  • Calendar page: bigger list view, auto-hide toolbar
  • Removed back button when map is fullscreen
  • Shortcuts: s (lock screen), m (show/hide map), l (light on/off), f (enter/exit fullscreen), i/o (zoom in/out)

Improvements for German users/BMW owners ;)

  • Use 250 km/h max speed for driving

More information/Download CascaRun for BlackBerry 10