CascaRun Sports Tracker

The 'Built for BlackBerry' sports tracker CascaRun has been updated and as the title states you'll be told certain things via audio which is pretty darn cool. It's all well and good me saying that, however, to assure you of my confidence in the update I took it out for a spin in my car today (no time for running, cycling and all that other healthy stuff) and the audio certainly is a great new addition to what was already an awesome GPS tracking sports application. 

I'm keeping this post short and sweet as we will have a full review of the 'new' CascaRun for BlackBerry 10 later this week. If you are into your fitness - you'll want to take a closer look at the app. 

Typical use case: running with headset, listening to music.

  • every km (depending on set up), music is attenuated and distance/time /speed are announced
  • when heart rate is too low (or too high), it gets announced
  • at any time, pressing play/pause triggers audio feedback, too
  • training can be paused or ended using multimedia key shortcuts (actions like long press on volume key, double press, etc... can be defined).

More information/Download CascaRun for BlackBerry 10