At the start of any new year many of us like to get back on the fitness bandwagon, either because we've consumed too much food and booze over the holidays or because it's the perfect time to make some improvements with New Years resolutions.

CascaRun PRO has received a welcome update for 2015 and as this one's my BlackBerry 10 fitness app of choice I'm rather pleased to see some new features added - in particular the integrated music player.

New in version

  • New integrated music player

  • Added "Export All" functionality

  • New logo and UI (on popular request: better contrast and font sizes)

  • HRM compatibility improvements

  • Fixed minor audio-feedback issues

  • Added Nordic walking activity

  • Fixed recovery issue

  • Various memory/performance improvements and bug fixes


It isn't just running that's featured within the app. There's a huge selection of activities from mountain biking to sailing, so whatever sport you are doing you have the perfect BlackBerry 10 application to track your route, speed, distance etc.

CascaRun Pro is priced at £3.50 which isn't cheap, but fear not as you can try before you buy. Just download CascaRun Sports Tracker for free and see what you think.

More information/Download CascaRun PRO for BlackBerry 10