CascaRun Pro brings Pebble integration with the help of Talk2Watch Pro

I am very glad for our native BlackBerry 10 developers, bringing us third party clients as well as great original apps. It's also nice to see collaboration between native developers to help enhance our native experience. Today, we see a collaboration between the developers of CascaRun and Talk2Watch Pro to bring new features to those who use a Pebble smartwatch.

In the latest update to CascaRun Pro it brings Pebble integration so you can see your activity through your Pebble smartwatch. Handy so that you don't need to pull out your device to see your progress.

Both apps - CascaRun Pro and Talk2Watch Pro - have been updated to bring compatibility between the apps so be sure to update both apps. Updates for both of them should be rolling out. The CascaRun Pro update should show as v2.5.0.2 and Talk2Watch Pro as v30.0.6. The support is available for the original Pebble (Steel) and the Pebble Time (Steel).

When you start an activity through CascaRun you'll now see an option for Pebble integration, just make sure you enable this. After tapping Continue you'll see the sports function activate on your Pebble smartwatch. When you're ready, you can press the middle button on the right of your Pebble watch to start your activity.

CascaRun Pro Pebble integration

If you own both apps, updating is free. If you own a Pebble already, you're probably using Talk2Watch Pro anyway. If you'd like to check out CascaRun Pro you can download it for $4.99.

It's a great collaboration and would like to thank the developers for their work.

For more information / Download CascaRun Pro
For more information / Download Talk2Watch Pro