You CascaRun users out there will want to hit up BlackBerry World today as the awesome BlackBerry 10 fitness tracking application has been updated once again, with many an enhancement, especially if you're using OS 10.3.1.

CascaRun comes with both free and Pro versions and whether you decide you spend the few bucks on the paid edition will really come down to your requirements.

The free edition is still bursting with great features, but clearly the Pro version has some extra's - such as unlimited audio feedback, heart rate monitoring - with Bluetooth support, email and social sharing plus loads more.

New features include:

  • Fixed Bluetooth issues for OS 10.3.1
  • Added support for SD card in music player
  • Use more 10.3.1 features (signature actions, overlay, colors....)
  • Make the random playlist really random
  • Always use time (instead of distance) for x-axis of indoors activities.
  • Fixed issue when importing / exporting files with 'dots' in the name
  • Fixed issues when selecting artist / album with the free version
  • Minor clean-ups

If you fancy tracking your exercise routines why not give the free version of CascaRun a try and see how you enjoy it?

More information/Download CascaRun (free) for BlackBerry 10