We've featured CascaRun Sports Tracker a few times here on CrackBerry and for those of you that were impressed but not enough to part with your cash you can now grab the new free version of the fitness application. 

CascaRun has just been updated to version 1.7.0 and while the changes are not huge - every little helps. Plus you can't get better than the introduction of a free version. 

If you are into your sports and require a tracking app to monitor your routes, times etc then give this one a try - it's quite a gem and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. In addition, it's native and also has the 'Built for BlackBerry' stamp. 

The FREE version includes:

  • very accurate tracking (running, biking, inline-skating, skiing, hiking and... driving)
  • easy to use monitoring: distance, time, current/average speed/pace, calories, laps, ...
  • split tables (0.5km, 1km, 2km, ..., manual splits) during and after workouts
  • high performance map
  • powerful reviewing and statistics
  • very low energy usage
  • no ads, no account required

The PRO version additionally offers:

  • high-quality audio-feedback
  • heart rate monitoring
  • Interactive review with timeline/navigation bar
  • online and offline charts (speed, intervals, elevation, heart rate, ...)
  • altitude correction and elevation profile
  • auto-pause
  • more map providers (OpenCycleMap, MapQuest, OpenAerial, Landscape, ...)
  • e-mail and social sharing
  • GPX import/export

Most important changes in version 1.7.0:

  • Elevation profile with altitude sections (grades, elevation)
  • New pie chart and statistics for heart rate monitoring
  • UI improvements

More information/Download CascaRun (free) for BlackBerry 10