CascaRun Pro

If you enjoy listening to music while using CascaRun, you'll want to make sure you grab the latest update for CascaRun Pro that is now appearing in BlackBerry World. Although CascaRun Pro has always allowed you to play music through the native sports tracking application, the latest update allows you to select a custom music directory, meaning you no longer have to use the assumed 'Music' folder on your device or SD card. You can now have CascaRun Pro pull in music from wherever you may have it stored. On top of that, BWA also took the time to address a few other bugs within the app to make this an even greater update.

  • Added possibility to select a custom music directory
  • Fixed missing pace/speed announcements after 1km/mi
  • Fixed minor issues with altitude correction

All in all, a nice update to what is already a great app, so if you haven't already grabbed it be sure to do so right now. If you're new to CascaRun Pro, you can purchase it for $4.99 or give the free version, CascaRun Tracker, a go before you buy the Pro version.

Download or Purchase CascaRun Pro from BlackBerry World