I wasn't always fond of holsters and I have only really been using them with the last three BlackBerry devices I've owned. Mainly because I didn't like slipping it into my pocket, especially when pocket sizes are getting smaller and I also don't like putting my BlackBerry device into my bag. It's not easily accessible when in a bag.

The next best thing was a holster, since I often like to rock a device naked, showing off my BlackBerry in all its uncovered glory. It also makes it super easy to pull out when I need to.

Once I got hold of my Q10, I had to get myself the BlackBerry Leather Holster for Q10 for it. Much like it's Z10 counterpart and a few of the later legacy device pouches, the Q10 holster has the red thread on the right side. The magnetic flap is centered giving you access to the headphone jack, whether you have the phone facing in or out. While the phone is facing out the way you can also see the LED notification too. Since it's on my hip I prefer to insert the phone facing inwards, it also means that when I pull it out the phone is conveniently facing me already. Whether the phone is facing in or out, only the HDMI port is accessible. On the other side, the volume up key and voice control key are seen but while the volume down key isn't fully visible, you can still press it through the holster.

On the front, you have the BlackBerry logo in silver. On the back, you have a very sturdy swivel belt clip that rotates 360 degrees. The clip is very springy but not loose and there is a deep hook so you can be sure it will hold very securely.

When your Q10 is sitting in the holster there is some wiggle room but you don't notice it moving around in there when it's on your hip so it's not really a big deal. However, what this means is, you can actually put a very thin case on the Q10 and it will fit snugly inside. The BlackBerry Soft Shell Q10 case is a perfect example. So, you can get double protection whilst you're out and about. What I also like about the Q10 Leather holster is that when you take the phone out it keeps its form, so it is very easy to slip the device in and out. I found with the Z10 version that I had to battle with it to get the phone back in, maybe because the Z10 holster is longer.

If you love holsters, the official BlackBerry Q10 Holster is certainly a good choice and one I recommend. It's sleek, sexy and quite cute. I think anyway. 

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