Fancy standing out from the crowd with a BlackBerry 9720? From October, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse will be selling the 9720 in blue, pink and purple. For consumers looking for a low cost BlackBerry, the 9720 is the perfect choice as prices start from only £11.00 per month with no upfront cost. 

While the 9720 may not be as snazzy as the BlackBerry 10 devices, you get what you pay for and if communication is the most important thing for you - the 9720 does it perfectly. 

Carl Cowling, Group Commercial Director, said, “The BlackBerry 9720 brings together the best features of the BlackBerry social messaging experience in a simple and affordable package and is a solid option for anyone looking to purchase a multi-purpose handset. At Carphone Warehouse we stock a wide range of mid and low tier smartphones and have seen a marked increase in the number of customers taking out contracts in this increasingly competitive market.”

If you missed our BlackBerry 9720 review you can catch up here. Anyone tempted wit the new swanky colors? Sound off in the comments. 

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