While BlackBerry 10 is all the rage for us here at CrackBerry at the moment we shouldn't forget that there are still millions of folk around the world rocking legacy devices. We reviewed the BlackBerry 9720 a short while ago and while it certainly isn't on par with the likes of the BlackBerry Q10 & Q5 it does offer a very low cost option to both consumers and businesses on a budget who just need a great communication device. 

I popped into UK retailer Carphone Warehouse the other day and was pretty surprised at just how cheap the BlackBerry 9720 is. They were offering it from just £11.00 per month on a 24 month contract with no upfront cost. At the time I was pretty sure that you don't get a great deal of minutes and data for that and I was right. When I got home I jumped onto the Carphone Warehouse website and viewed the available deals and while the £11.00 per month deal only gets you 50 minutes and 100MB of data I did stumble on a few great offers - free tablets! 

Starting from £17 per month there are a selection of tariffs which offer free gifts as part of the deal. These include a Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 inch, Avoca 7 inch tablet, Avoca 9.7 inch tablet and even a Playstation 3. 

The free gift deals are available on a range of networks, including Carphone Warehouse's own MVNO - talkmobile. If you are looking for a new BlackBerry and don't want to spend the extra cash on a BlackBerry 10 device check out the below link and maybe pick yourself up a free gift. I'm sure this will tempt some folk. 

Carphone Warehouse BlackBerry 9720 deals

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