A few weeks back we told you about a new app for BlackBerry that allowed you to simply take photos of business cards and then with the magic of real people that business card would be transcribed into a real contact and sent back to your BlackBerry smartphone to be placed into your contact list. While many of CrackBerry Nation thought this was a good idea, many also thought there were places that needed improvement. The team from Card2Contact listened and came back with version 3.0 of their application.

What’s new in 3.0

  • Enhanced Contacts page.
  • You can view the business cards that you have uploaded and find its processing status.
  • Easy navigation (Touch or button click) for scrolling the business cards.
  • In App Email feature to the users.
  • Enhanced Home page design.
  • Support page to provide your comments and request for a credit back.
Not only did they make some changes to the application itself, they also added a more friendly pricing structure. In the new pricing structure you get 15 credits for $4.99, 35 credits for $9.99, and 75 credits for $19.99. If you are frequently adding contacts to your BlackBerry via business cards you’ll for sure want to check out Card2Contact in BlackBerry App World.

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