If you have watched the above video you would have heard me say that I lost my car once at an airport and at 2am in the morning being tired and irritable it was a stressful half hour. Next time it won't happen as I will have Car Finder installed on my BlackBerry PlayBook.

The application does just what the name suggests. With a simple, yet effective user interface, when you park your car in an unfamiliar place you just press the 'P' button in the app and the PlayBook will store the vehicles location using GPS. And fear not if you are in another country - as the app doesn't require a data connection so using abroad will cost you nothing.

When you want to find your car the app will guide you using a compass style layout and will also tell you the distance until you reach your vehicle. There are a few other features within the app but if you want a car finder, the two I have mentioned really are all you need.

And it workes beautifully. I parked my car to test the app and found it easily. It was parked outside my house though, but that's not the point - the app worked. Want some even better news? Car Finder is free to download, so if you are maybe going on holiday or just really forgetful, this app is a must have if you ask me. Unless you don't have a car or course!

More information/Download Car Finder for the BlackBerry PlayBook for free.