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A few weeks ago, I found - to my detriment - that BlackBerry Protect works really well. Not only does it help me find my phone at least once every week, but the remote wipe features are top notch. I'm still recovering from that help article and am slowly reinstalling apps as I need them. To my disappointment, I find my favorite screen capture program, Capture It, can no longer be found in BlackBerry App World or the CrackBerry AppStore.

There are many reasons to grab a screenshot, an image capture of your BlackBerry's screen. You may want to prove a high score, show an error to technical support, or even post particularly interesting BBM conversations on Facebook. For me, I use it to capture apps; menus; and games in action, so I can include them in articles.

Capture It worked perfectly. Assigned to my Convenience key, all I needed to do is press the key for a screen capture. This is one app where I appreciated the lack of options. Capture It didn't ask you where to send the picture, what to call the picture, or where to store the picture. It just worked - and did so well.

These days, Capture It - that wonderful application for many BlackBerry models and OS versions - has become much more difficult to find, disappearing from where it once thrived. Still, the internet has a long memory. Things once forgotten have a way of showing up. You need only to look in the right places.

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