Capture 3D pictures with 3D Photo Camera - 1000 free copies available

If you're in to 3D imaging you might want to check out 3D Photo Camera. It lets you take 3D photos. When I say that, I mean the end result will then need to be viewed with 3D glasses. You take a photo, then take second photo slightly shifted, as you do with 3D pictures. When you take your pictures, you have the first snap as a guide to take your second snap. You can choose the aspect ratio for your photo too - 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1. You can also choose to save the final image in color or in black and white. You are presented with both options before saving, so you can see what they look like, which is pretty nice. It is also nice that you can save the two photos you took as individual ones.

As far as the final image goes and seeing them in 3D with your 3D glasses or through a 3D TV, they're a bit hit and miss. You have to experiment with the spacing of the two images but overall it's a neat idea and it can be fun when you get it right. It's really all about trying to be creative and experiment with different shots. If you want to try it out. The developer has 1000 copies available to download. 3D Photo Camera usually costs $1.99. There is a free trial available if you miss out on a free copy. 3D Camera Photo is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

To get yourself a free copy of 3D Photo Camera, follow the instructions below

  1. Open up BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  3. Enter promo code 3DCAM3RA
  4. The app should show up as free, tap FREE to download

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