bell 8830 telnavCanadians usually get the shaft when it come to BlackBerry releases usually getting a specific device weeks or even a month later. Is it too much to ask that Canadians get things at the same time as their American cousins? I mean, they are made in Canada after all. Although if you believe Michael Moore and his movie ‘Sicko’ Canadians are so busy celebrating their healthcare system in the streets they hardly notice the late BlackBerry releases. Right.

So Canadians must be happy for small mercies. And today Canadians got one of those small mercies. Bell released the BlackBerry 8830 with the TeleNav GPS system over the weekend.

TeleNav GPS is pretty useful turn-by-turn navigations system. You simply input an address by keyboard or voice command and the system will deliver simple, easy to follow audio visual driving instructions. Whether you prefer 2D or 3D moving maps or to listen to the driving instructions the system is pretty handy.

TeleNav users can also log onto the the TeleNav site and suscribe to a bunch of handy add on features. There you can access a location sharing function and a preset Biz Finder feature.  You can also read reviews of businesses and restaurants. There are also real time traffic alerts and rerouting functions. Visit the site at .