900 Minutes. WTF?!

* Update: RIM reached out to me today following up last night's rant with a response:

As a follow up to your article we wanted to let you know that the ‘900 minutes' shown in the error code was a mistake and should have read 15 minutes. We are working at implementing a fix for this that will be included in the next version of BBM software. 

Thanks for the update. 15 minutes sounds a LOT better. *

So here's a BBM error message I've never seen before on a BlackBerry....

Cannot contact the server due to database maintenance. Please retry in 900 minutes. 

I ran into issues today with reloading the OS on my bricked BlackBerry Bold 9900 (not sure what the scoop is but my normal process for reloading the OS is not working), so I decided to turn a negative into a postive and take this as a chance to rock another BlackBerry for the week.

I tossed my SIM card into a brand new BlackBerry Curve 9360 I had sitting on my desk. I signed in with my BlackBerry ID, and within a minute had all my email accounts setup. Then I opened up BlackBerry Messenger. I always back up my contacts to an email address, which typically makes it easy to reload the contacts into BBM via the on device restore function. But this time after trying to restore BBM with the email address tied to the device, I got 900 minute error message.

I couldn't help but laugh when it popped up. NINE HUNDRED MINUTES? Where the heck did RIM pick that number from? And couldn't they make it a little easier and put that into hours for me?  Seriously. Ok... well this post killed a little time.... only 877 minutes before I have BBM again! :/

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