If you're like many of other mobile gaming geeks in the world, you've no doubt heard of Candy Crush. While an official Candy Crush for BlackBerry isn't yet available, you can always sideload the official version using the debug token method, and we also know that the Android version is up and running on OS 10.2 as well. 

Thankfully those of you looking to satiate your candy addiction do have an alternative however in the form of Candy Crusher. The Android-ported game is a Candy Crush clone but it should appease those of you that absolutely need to have Candy Crush on BlackBerry.

The basis is to line up 3 or more like pieces by dragging them into the same row. Once you do they disappear and drop in a new set. Pop as many as you can before times runs out. If you've played Candy Crush before on other platforms then you should know how things work.

Playing around with it a bit the game is kind of fun but it still needs a huge amount of work and a bit of polish - but I doubt much will come of it. It's way laggy and definitely not the prettiest game I've seen. I've never played Candy Crush so I actually had to have Kevin show me how to play, and even after that I had a hard time doing much at all. The fact that it's $1.99 means I can't really recommend it as you'd essentially just be throwing the money away (though there is a free version available). It's not often that I come across a game that I delete a few minutes after buying - but this one takes the record for sure. 

What's crazy too is that the game goes by the name Candy Crush World in BlackBerry World (for search reasons I'm sure) but is actually called Candy Crusher. And on top of that the icon reads Candy Crush. Insane. 

Long story short - if you're desperate for some Candy Crush on your BlackBerry (and I mean realllllly desperate) this is it.

Candy Crusher is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, PlayBook and a handful of legacy devices for $1.99.

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