Earlier this year it was announced that Canadian Tire would be purchasing BlackBerry 10 smartphones to issue to their corporate team. Now that the devices have made their way onto the network, Computer World has caught up with Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation and gathered his thoughts on newly released smartphones and how they're working out for his organization. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing but praise for them, especially the BlackBerry Q10:

With 10 to 12 hours of battery life, that's double of every other device we've tried," he said. It's efficient on the network and still has good security. The battery life is the winner. I have a couple of iPhones, but I can't live on them.

Canadian Tire is also making use of BlackBerry Balance, the service that allows your personal life and work life to be separated on BlackBerry devices, and that's been a key point for Roman noting:

It's quite interesting how it keeps your life simple. Everybody has a personal email, so my kids can send me messages there. I got insurance for my car and don't want that email going to my work email. So Balance makes things nice and clean.

Roman is clearly enjoying his BlackBerry Q10 but I'm still a bit perplexed, I keep going from my BlackBerry Z10 to my BlackBerry Q10 and trying to decide which I like more. As of now, I'm still on the fence. They both need a good workout.