travesty chart

Sometimes it sucks to be a Canadian. Really. Crappy weather for half the year and only three Canadian teams made the NHL playoffs. And to make matters worse we reportedly get to pay more, way more, to our BlackBerry carriers.

According to Thomas Purves at his blog, Canada is worse than many third world countries when it comes to the cost of mobile data access. As you can see from the chart, the cost of transferring just 500MB is ridiculously expensive in Canada. It's even cheaper in Rwanda than in the home of the BlackBerry.

500MB is about 100 minutes of usage at a Canadian Carrier’s maximum advertised download speed of 700kB/s.

"500MB is not a lot of data in the grand scheme of things, a few GB could make a better example but in that case the red bars would be completely off the charts," says Purves.

This is already generating a lot of chatter from Canadian Blackberry users and seems like another example of how Canada conspires to make itself less attractive to investment.