Turn Off Your BlackBerry Please! The staff at Canada's immigration agency in Ottawa have been asked to turn off their Berry's at lunch and at night. This move was made to help 'balance their lives'.

'Operating Rules' have been set by Richard Fadden, the Canadian deputy minister of Citizenship and Immigration. The rules insist that staffers turn their BlackBerry devices off (in fact, it's a 'blackout') between 7PM and 7AM, during lunch and on weekends.

Fadden commented:

"Work life quality is the creation of a healthy, supportive work environment that helps us better manage our work and personal responsibilities. Work life quality is a priority for me and this organization because achieving it benefits us both as individuals and as a department."

Sounds to me like the folks at the immigration agency are having 'addiction problems'. At any rate good for them for setting a precident and nipping it in the bud. If they need any more help, I suggest they read our 'CrackBerry Rehab' section for more tips and hints.

[via UPI]