Free BlackBerry Pearl 8130CDMA-based Canadian carriers Telus and Bell are really going after Rogers this holiday season with a FREE BlackBerry Pearl 8130 promotion.

The catch? You need to be a new customer and commit to a 3-year plan of $45 or more per month before they hand you over the new phone. As Robb puts it, free in this case really means $1620 (at least) over the course of the next 36 months.

It's good to see some competition in Canada heating up for all of us BlackBerry users. Telus is offering a $15 email, web and IM only BlackBerry plan on the 8130 and Canada's GSM Monopoly Rogers followed suit with a similar offer for Pearl 8100 users. What would I like to see in 2008? Unlimited data in Canada for under $50 $40 $30 per month. I'm a Rogers user now, but the carrier that offers me unlimited data for a reasonable price is the one I will switch to. It's wishful thinking, but a Canadian BlackBerry Addict can dream, can't he?