Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones, Canabalt is yet another platform, running and jumping style game - however this one is probably the best I've played so far. In fact, it's pretty damn thrilling, which is surprising considering the simplicity of the game. 

To be honest, there isn't a huge amount to talk about with Canabalt. Your character runs across rooftops and you just tap the screen to make him jump. There is slightly more to it than that though. There are boxes which can hinder you unless you jump over them and some roof spaces will be narrow - meaning you need the right sort of jump to make the landing. 

One thing I'm impressed with is that if you fall from the roof and start again the obstacles/rooftops are always different - so each game is a real challenge. It's just about getting as far as you can to achieve the best score. Canabalt is an Android port but it runs perfectly on BlackBerry 10 - as do most other ports. 

The graphics are pretty basic and retro, but the sound effects are wonderful - as is the gameplay which is smooth and fast paced. 

Canabalt will cost you £2.00/$2.99 which is a little steep for this style of game in my opinion - but it is a load of fun. Why not sacrifice a coffee and grab this one instead? 

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