The concept of Ring Pilot is certainly not new. I'm pretty sure I remember similar games to this one going back years, however it is nice that we now have a sweet version for the BlackBerry PlayBook -- and even better news is that it is free.

The aim of the game (if you have not already guessed) is to guide your plane through a selection of hoops on the screen. You need to be prescise as even clipping the side of a hoop will send your plane crashing to the ground. You can collect gold coins along the way to improve your score and as you progress through the levels navigating the hoops certainly becomes harder.

You also only get a certain amount of fuel for your plane so you can't take too long in deciding the best route to take, however there are a few extra fuel canisters to collect along the way to assist you on your mission.

The plane is simply controlled by two tabs at the base of the screen. One turns the plane left, the other right. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well I challenge you to give it a try as it isn't as simple as it sounds.

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