As the summer winds down and adults and kids prepare to return to school, the next few weeks will be trying to fit in all that is left to do and see. One thing you do not have to worry about is getting to the Zoo. Our resident Weekend Coder Brian Scheirer created this entertaining virtual zoo application a few months ago. No matter where you might be you and your entire family have the ability to view webcams from zoos from the around the world on your BlackBerry.

While consistently updated, this latest version brings with it an entirely new interface, additional feeds, and additional information for each of the animals featured. However, the change log itself doesn't completely capture the completely marvelous makeover the application underwent in the latest version. Gone are the icons at the top and the faux leather background and in its place is a more fluid, colorful interface with which to access each of the feeds. Not only is the application easier to use and read due to this facelift but is more polished visually speaking. All of the webcams are accessible with a swipe and a tap and include the particular to each one. This includes the best viewing times, information on each animal, and details on the habitat as well.

Change log for camZOO v4.0.2

  • Brand new UI/UX. camZOO now has a top menu that makes better use of the screen for displaying the best and most important information at a time. Brand new styling everywhere throughout the app.
  • Added animals: Brown Bear, African Elephant, 3rd feed in Penguin 1, new Polar Bear, Bats (2 feeds) and Asian Elephants, and White Rhino
  • Added Wikipedia pages for all animals with nonessential Wikipedia page information removed. However there is a button to open the Wikipedia page in your browser for further exploration in a proper browser.
  • More in depth info for many of the animals
  • Titles on video screen (rather than some nonsense letters/numbers)
  • Improved graphics (in prep for higher resolution devices)
  • New icon, more in the style of OS 10.3 and better represents the theme of the app

camZOO normally sells for $0.99 in BlackBerry World, but as you could tell from the title, Brian is giving away 50 copies for free with a promotion code. As you know, the code will be exhausted quickly, matter of moments really, so be sure to get your copy and do it fast.

To take advantage of this office, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and select Redeem
  • Enter in this code: CAMZOOPROMO (caps matter)

camZOO is fun, educational and well-built, but of course we already knew that it would be. Grown-ups and their children alike should get hours of entertainment from viewing each and every one of these feeds.

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