When not bringing us words of wisdom with his Weekend Coder series, our own Brian Scheirer found the time to put together an entertaining application for adults, kids, and animals lovers alike. The result of his efforts is camZOO, a virtual zoo that allows users to view webcams from zoos from around the world right from your BlackBerry device. No matter the habitat or location, it's as easy as tapping on the animal you wish to see and loading the video. 

As the name implies, it provides access to the publicly available zoo camera live feeds. While viewing times vary due to zoo hours (i.e. closed or maintenance), time zone, or health of the animal, it is interesting to see them in their habitat. As someone who spent weeks fawning over the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam I can honestly say I've been spending more than a couple times a day taking a quick peak at them.

It not only provides access to the webcams for each of these beautiful creatures but a description of the feed and habitat and general information on the animals' themselves. Fun and educational, it works well and a portion of all sales will be donated to the zoos where these webcams originate.

Please note that for the best viewing experience while streaming, you should connect your device to Wi-Fi. As something of a side note, you will be interested to know that the only way to view the baby panda at the Smithsonian Zoo is from this application. This is because the public debut isn't until sometime in January.

Feeds included in camZOO 

  • Eagle nest
  • Fish reef
  • Jaguar
  • Lion
  • Panda bear (2x)
  • Penguin (3x)
  • Polar bear
  • Shark tank
  • Tiger

camZOO of course is a native application. As such it runs smooth and offers a unique experience for anyone who wishes to observe these different species at any point of the day you have some free time. My favorite feed has to be the Shark Tank one. Who needs to wait for shark week when you can experience this whenever the feed is available on your device? If you enjoy watching these animals go about their day whether it be glimpsing the rich and vibrant underwater life of the coral reef or the snowy habitat of a Jaguar, be sure to give this a try for $.99 for all BlackBerry 10 devices. You never know what may happen. 

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