CamSam for BlackBerry 10

While we certainly can't condone speeding - but just on the off chance you fancy having your BlackBerry 10 smartphone warn you of where speed cameras are you may want to download CamSam. The application is already available on the other major operating systems and luckily us BlackBerry 10 users now get to benefit from it too.

Normally I would do a video for an app I liked this much but heading towards a speed camera with a video camera doesn't sound such a good idea to me - however, CamSam is free to download so there is no reason why you can't test it for yourself.

Within the settings there are a selection of languages to choose from and you can also check/uncheck if you want notifications for both mobile cameras or just static ones. I took the app for a test run this morning and it works perfectly. There is one slight glitch (currently) for UK drivers and that is that the app does not display your speed in MPH - but I am informed that will be coming very soon with an update.

Full features of CamSam include:

  • Real time alerts of mobile radar traps
  • More than 47,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from
  • Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
  • Automatic updates every 5 minutes
  • Visual and acoustic warnings
  • Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
  • Simple alert function
  • Online/offline mode
  • Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
  • Listening and radar view
  • Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

Alternatively, don't exceed the speed limit!

More information/Download CamSam for BlackBerry 10