Nextel Offers Up Cameraless 8350i!

A lot of folks were wondering if we had seen the end of camera-less BlackBerry devices, and the answer to that question is now a definite NO. After much speculation, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i has now arrived on Nextel in its camera-less form. The same specs apply to this 8350i as the original aside from the obvious missing camera, so that of course means WiFi and all the PTT you can handle, and while this device is clearly made for Enterprise/Business customers I have to wonder how many businesses will be adding this BlackBerry to their line up. Let's just hope Nextel/Sprint and RIM have the OS issues cleaned up by now. If ya need a camera-less BlackBerry this one will set ya back $149.99 after rebates with a new 2/year contract.

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