Camera++ adds exposure lock, bug fixes, and a new look in latest version

For those seeking to take the perfect shot, there are various applications with which users can exert more control over configuring and adjusting their images. Camera++ is one such application. It comes with an array of tools, designed for individuals of all skill levels, which focus on how the image is taken. This includes setting the capture mode, changing the EV Offset value, ISO mode, adjusting the focus mode, etc.

This latest version offers minor changes, bug fixes, and an updated UI. The full change log, including new features, is shown below.

Change log for v3.2

  • Updated UI
  • Fixed issue with media keys when app is minimized
  • Fixed issue with shutter speed for BlackBerry Passport
  • Default resolution is set to 4:3 aspect ratio to maximize the sensor use
  • Improved manual focus on devices with buggy Camera driver
  • Added long press on focus button to select focusing mode
  • Added experimental exposure lock (use long press inside focus region to activate/deactivate the lock)

Camera++ is priced at $2.99 and is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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